Saturday, September 8, 2007

Your Best Life Now!

Or maybe not.

I wonder if Smilin' Joel's sickly sweet message that "Gawd luuuuuvs yew 'n has a wunnerful plah-yun fer yer life" might have soothed the angry Hindu mob that intended to murder Pastor Pabitra Kata in Bangalore, India?

I wonder if Pastor Kata had just promised prosperity, health, and the "abundant life" to his congregants and meticulously avoided all that messy sin, judgment, and hell nonsense if his message might have been better received by the locals?

I wonder if he'd just taken the time to conduct some basic market research in order to determine the felt needs of the surrounding villagers and then tailored his messages accordingly - you know, for "Bangalore Bob" and his kith and kin - if he would have still been beaten nearly to death?

I wonder...

"He was beaten with thick sticks, kicked on his jaw and face and dragged on the road," according to statements obtained by VOM from witnesses. "He was screaming because of the pain and praying out loud, asking God to forgive the attackers.

"He was bleeding profusely from his jaw and ear, and was unable to see. In spite of his painful cries, the attackers continued striking him until the police arrived and stopped the beating," the sources reported.

Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.
(Luke 23:34)

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