Saturday, September 15, 2007

Joyce Meyer = Witch Queen?

Speaking of spiritual Jezebels one is forced to consider Joyce Meyer, as her worldwide ministry is unarguably a force to be reckoned with. As the Watchman Expositor deftly reveals in their article by the same name, "What Joyce Wants, Joyce Gets".

Joyce Meyer is found to be among the many thistles and thorns currently choking the landscape of the modern professing church, and she and her ministry are shills for the temporal and carnal "benefits" of the aberrant, heretical Word-Faith movement. These spiritual snake-oil salesmen - and saleswomen! - will tell you with full conviction that you have the spiritual, creative power within you to speak your reality into existence. Name it and claim it they say! You decide your temporal conditions by the words that come out of your mouth, by your "confession"; thus saith the word-faith shamans.

As has been pointed out here at Absolute Dominion in a separate article, the practice of positive confession is the cornerstone of the word-faith heresy and it is the kissing cousin of the occult practice of incantations. Both seek to literally manipulate or control the natural/physical world by means of intoning certain carefully crafted phrases and relying upon the inherent spiritual power of words spoken by human beings which emanate from the "deity" or "divine spark" residing within each of us.

This spiritually poisonous concoction is yet another Satanic trick being foisted upon lost and blind humanity with the diabolical intent of satisfying the temporal desires of man in order that he might live fat and happy, lacking in no good thing, in order that he might not be driven to the end of himself and by the grace of God alone recognize his need for a Savior and by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ be reconciled with the One True Living God.

The worst kind of deception is the kind that mixes just enough truth and just enough "church-ianity" together with the lie to serve as some sort of "truth placebo". This is the type of empty faith and false teaching that sends countless thousands - millions? - of people home each Sunday singing of a heaven they'll never see and praising a God Whom they've never known.