Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Tough Pill to Swallow

The unregenerate maintain their own sinful reasoning as their ultimate authority and highest court of appeals which inevitably results in a man-centered worldview.

This is the state of the natural man without the enlightening of the Holy Spirit and is representative of a mental and spiritual state at enmity with God. If the One True Living God is not your ultimate authority, and if your worldview is not radically filtered through and determined by His Word, then you are His enemy.

A failure to submit to His authority is by default to submit to another authority, which is typically the authority of self. The natural man seeks to be autonomous and I honestly think this basic error, an error which hearkens back to the fall in the garden, is the fertile ground upon which the man-centered non-gospel of the seeker sensitive, purpose driven, and emergent harlot churches has taken root and born much bitter fruit in these last days. We can see from scripture that the church has been infiltrated by unbelievers who cloak themselves as believers. Sadly many of these massively deceived unbelievers honestly think they’re Christians and won’t know the truth until they are told by the Lord to “depart from Me“! How horrific!

By nature men are lovers of themselves and seek to suppress God’s truth in unrighteousness. With an elevated sense of self worth and a constant nagging need for self-esteem they place themselves - wittingly or unwittingly - in Christ’s unique role as Ruler and King.