Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Passive-Aggressive Henry (Rick) Frueh

I wrote Henry (Rick) Frueh off a long time ago.

As my limited readership may recall Pastor Rick posted a screeching screed on his blog earlier this year decrying the truth telling of Ingrid Schlueter and Pastor Ken Silva. As is my custom I took a stand against his reckless and baseless diatribe and then summarily added Rick Frueh's opinions and his blog to my mental list of utterly useless things.

After I left the contents of my post over at his blog in the comments section (which incidentally and unsurprisingly weren't posted) Rick dropped by Absolute Dominion and voiced his displeasure in my comments section in his typical passive-aggressive manner.

Fast forward to today. I was reviewing the websites of a few of the finer, scripturally sound thinkers active in the Christian blogosphere, which of course includes Jim Bulitz's Old Truth, and by sheer coincidence what do you think I found? If you guessed "More nasty diatribes by Rick Frueh" then you are correct! And it wasn't just any random little run of the mill diatribe, not by a long shot! It was the mother lode! A mega-pack value-sized dissertation chocked full of Rick Frueh's fevered high-noon fantasies, half-baked notions, and nearly incoherent ramblings carefully gathered from across the Internet. Leave it Jim Bublitz to do his homework and turn in his thoroughly researched offering at the top of his class.

Apparently Pastor Rick has been busily and ardently informing anyone who'll listen of his spiritual superiority, moral authority, and inspiring piety all the while reminding them of how prideful they are for articulately and faithfully expressing their closely held beliefs; assuming of course that those beliefs represent Biblical, doctrinal, orthodox Christianity. On the other hand if you're unsure of precisely what you believe and why you believe it, or if you are a "friendly emergent" then (as you can read in the comment he posted here), Pastor Rick is pretty much cool with you, bro. I must ask you Rick, does pride really "pretty much trump everything else"? Really?!? Hmmmmm...I've sure met some humble Mormons and JW's. In fact most of the cultists I've met are really nice folks by the world's standards, but I suppose that's a different post for a different day.

But back to the subject at hand, what we see most tellingly and frequently (especially when it comes to his well established pattern of reckless, clumsy, thoughtless posts followed by wheezing apologies and backpedaling), is Rick Frueh's trademark passive-aggressive behavior. Rick is apparently a classic case passive/aggressive beta male with an interesting twist - he attempts to mask the traditional beta male sniper role by smearing himself with a thin veneer of Christianity. There's a certain irony to reading Rick Frueh's whining, meandering, soft-pedaled responses when he's called on the carpet for his typically baseless, frantic, and hyperventilating rants. In my personal opinion he's downright womanish. Rick's theology - such as it is - smacks of effeminate Christianity and in print reads just like plain old common sentimental theology, which is a wholly debunked, shallow, trashy, emotionalism that's fit for nothing.

Even after only limited exposure to his blog and to the comments he's posted in the various metas around the Christian blogosphere I was able to quickly discern that Rick is a smarmy spiritual twerp of the lowest order; a Christian blog troll. This sort of realization is always particularly saddening to me, especially when the troll in question professes Christ. It pains and distresses me and I pray for people like Rick Frueh, I really do.

But back to my observation about Pastor Rick's spiritual androgyny; there is a noticeable dearth of virile Christian masculinity within the broader professing church. Whether it's the product of our failed government school system that wants boys to be girls and girls to be boys, or whether it's the unintended consequences of the undeniable feminization of American society it's easy to see that the modern American church is full of men-in-skirts spiritual sissies who are running scared.

They're scared of doctrine.

They're scared of the whole counsel of God.

They're scared of taking a bold stand for Christ.

And most of all they're scared - and offended - by real men who DO take a bold stand for the Lord.

In fact I believe this secret fear is at the root of Henry (Rick) Frueh's problem with Ingrid Schlueter, Ken Silva, Jim Bublitz and the numerous other vocal Christians who daily take up their crosses and follow after Christ. I believe Pastor Rick is incensed and offended that Ingrid Schlueter, a godly and commendable Christian woman, is a bolder Christian warrior who expounds a more unflinching and virile faith than he himself possesses. I also believe that when Rick Frueh witnesses others taking bold, unwavering stands for the faith that was once and for all delivered to the saints he's painfully reminded of his own weak-kneed, watered down, effeminate version of "faith" and therefore his own sinful pride is pricked. Pride is Rick's recurring theme. It's all over his blog and in most of his comments. I believe Rick is guilty of projecting his own deep seated, unresolved pride issues on others in a bizarre effort to soothe his own guilty conscience.

In conclusion it's my opinion that Pastor Henry (Rick) Frueh is a dissembling, angry, simpering, pathetic little man who spends much of his time muttering shibboleth as he figuratively dumps boiling oil upon the contemptible blasphemers and heretics who are guilty of the unforgivable sin of not holding to the Gospel According to Rick. Don't make Rick angry, you wouldn't like him when he's angry, or on second thought maybe you would since he becomes much more submissive and pliable during the passive phases that grip him after he's caught with both feet planted firmly in his mouth - which is evidently the case more often than not.