Saturday, September 15, 2007

Positive Confession

"Positive Confession" is the cornerstone of the heretical Word Faith movement.

The Watchman Expositor has an excellent piece on the history of positive confession and its inextricable links to the occult. The similarities between the Word Faith positive confessors and the occultists are astonishing. Consider:

Both believe human words are or can be imbued with spiritual power.

Both believe that words, spoken correctly (either through the positive confession of "God's Word" or by a proper incantation) can channel spiritual power to affect the temporal world.

Both believe that man has "a god" inside of him or is actually "a god" himself.

The article on positive confession over at the Expositor puts it this way:

Positive Confession is the belief that if a believer speaks "spiritual" or "faith-filled" words then he can have what he says. Unfortunately, this influence has invaded the church and continues to cause much turmoil and confusion.

Many of the teachers of the word-faith movement believe that words are so powerful that they can influence the physical and spiritual worlds. For example:

In The Tongue, a Creative Force (1976), positive confessionist Charles Capps, teaches that there are powerful "spiritual" words. Such words, which are ordinary words, can under certain circumstances, become vehicles for creative or supernatural power.

When "faith-filled" spiritual words are spoken (as words of power), they can alter the physical and spiritual world. Capps says, "You see there is more to it than just saying it. The words must originate from the inner man where spiritual power is released through words."

Friends it's time for the remnant believers within the true Church of Jesus Christ to boldly stand for the eternal truths and sound doctrines contained in His Holy Word and roundly refute the manifold heresies emanating from the Word Faith, Emergent, Seeker Sensitive, and Purpose Driven harlot churches. These are metastasizing cancers within the Body that need to be treated like any other invading parasite; they must be cut out at the roots and cast away.

It will be painful and it will be unpleasant, but the only the foolish or the mad would prefer to limp sickened and infected through their lives as opposed to having the offending invading illness or diseased member permanently removed.

And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out: it is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye, than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire: (Mark 9:47)