Sunday, September 30, 2007

Spurgeon on Glorifying Christ

Into other places we might take you where very clearly the object is the extolling of doctrine. From the first of January to the last of December the brother bitterly contends for the favorite corners of his faith. Doctrine, with certain friends, is everything, and their rigid orthodoxy is the one care of their life. Now, against a sound creed and the doctrines of grace we have not a word to say. God be thanked that we love these things as much as those who exalt them above measure; and are not a whit behind the chiefest of these champions in our zeal for orthodoxy; but still our Lord is, and must be, the leading theme of our ministry, and we must continue to exalt him rather than Calvinism, or any other system of theology. We are bold to say it, much as we love the Master's throne, we love the Master better still; and dearly as we love battling for the walls of his vineyard, yet the clusters of his Eshcol are sweeter to our taste. We love Christ better than creed, and we think we would rather magnify our Master than any set of truths, however important they may be.

There are certain doctrinal brethren, good enough in their way, but still you can evidently see that the doctrine of election is a thing that they contend more for than the doctrine of the redemption of Christ; or if it be redemption, it is rather the specialty of redemption than the divine sacrifice itself. I love to preach the distinguishing grace of God, but I am far from thinking that some four or five points comprise all the truths which God has revealed. Be it ours to preach the doctrines as Dr. Hawker preached them, with Christ as their sum and substance; "a full Christ for empty sinners," be this our theme. To a great extent it is true of a ministry that seeketh only to exalt doctrines, that it hath not the fullness of the Holy Ghost in it, for of the Holy Spirit it is written "He shall glorify, me."

Source: Bible Bulletin Board