Saturday, September 15, 2007

Paula White's Blasphemy

In one fell swoop the deceiving, divorcing, "pastrix" Paula White manages to negate the atonement of the Lord and substitute an empty and blasphemous man made "atonement offering" in place of the cross of Christ.

The hubris of the concept is simply breathtaking, do these word-faith heretics have no shame? Do they have no boundaries? Is there nothing sacred in their perverse eyes?

And while we're exposing the rank heresy of this corrupted spiritual Jezebel may I remind her faithful followers that by participating in or otherwise enabling her blasphemy you are a guilty partaker of her sin and iniquity before the Infinite Creator and Judge of the universe, and as such you are in dire need of repentance and must turn away and flee from the wickedness being perpetrated by that so-called ministry.