Thursday, September 13, 2007

Purpose-Driven Sex Ed--Coming to a Church Near You

A Slice of Laodicea Flashback

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Posted by Ingrid on December 12, 2005 @ 10:42 AM

Rick Warren is ready to release Saddleback's new sex education curriculum for evangelical churches.

Apparently, Christians don't know enough about sex these days and simply preaching against fornication and adultery isn't enough. One has to wonder how preachers from the past like John Knox and John Bunyan, and John Donne and Charles Spurgeon ever managed to preach without giving detailed information on sex? Somehow, generations of believers have managed to procreate without one sex manual from Saddleback.

Generations of faithful believers have managed to stay faithful to spouses and stay pure without one sermon full of intimate detail. Faithful Bible preaching churches have no need to harp on sexuality because a full orbed preaching of the Word is going to convict of sin and address the heart issues behind these sins. And for the record, the move towards starting sex education for preschoolers is morally repugnant. Some evangelical churches are now offering classes for children who are barely out of diapers. The thinking is, "teaching them first, before the world gets to them." I would submit that if you have such a carnal home that the world is getting sexual information to your babies, taking your children to church for classes like this won't help you. The answer is committed, consecrated homes, where Christian fathers protect their children from the world by keeping it OUT of their homes.

Educating children about reproduction and God's plan for sexuality has its place, but not in babyhood and not before the time. Too many Christian parents are letting Sodom educate their children by letting TV and movies and music into their homes that reek of the world's philosophy.