Sunday, September 30, 2007

Doug Pagitt - Persona Non Gratis

It looks like the SBC managed to summon up the intestinal fortitude necessary to get rid of at least one of the emergent/contemplative/New Age promoters which fill their bookstores and who are featured speakers at their various state conventions. And while this is a nice - and long overdue - start, the SBC sure has a long way to go in order to clean up its house as can be seen in the information below garnered from Lighthouse Trails Research:

Source: From the Lighthouse

LTRP Note: Below is an update regarding yesterday's story: "Doug Pagitt No Longer Speaking at Southern Baptist Convention Wired2Grow." Christian Research Service spoke with Public Relations at the BSCNC office yesterday (Sept. 28th) and was told why Pagitt was not going to be a speaker at the event.

We pray this move by the Southern Baptist Convention (North Carolina) to reject the emerging church movement will set a precedent. While LifeWay Christian Stores (SBC) still carries books by Pagitt and other emerging church leaders, perhaps the actions of BSCNC will inspire LifeWay leaders to break ties with contemplative and emerging spiritualities.

The following is a partial list of contemplative/emerging authors represented at LifeWay. Some of these also promote outright the New Age:

Ken Blanchard
Laurie Beth Jones
Tony Jones
Brennan Manning
Pete Scazzero
Gary Thomas
Richard Foster
Spencer Burke (The Ooze)
Eddie Gibbs
Ryan Bolger
Ken Wilber