Saturday, January 20, 2007

When an SBC Resolution Gets it RIGHT!

I sent the following missive to Pastor/Teacher Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries regarding the lack of a coordinated Christian response to the ever growing problem of the nationalized state-run school system.

Greetings Pastor Silva,

By way of introduction I am a Christian blogger and longtime reader of both Slice and Apprising Ministries, and more recently CRN. I have followed your work with great interest because of my own personal deep-seated passion for Christian apologetics and Biblical discernment, both of which are gifts the Lord has seen fit to equip me with.

With all the focus on very real problems within the Christian community – which are legion! - I wonder how often we as believers stop and conduct an inventory of our personal and corporate responsibility for today's rampant morally bankrupt, secular-humanist broader culture. Sadly in my view too many Christians have, perhaps unwittingly, sacrificed their children to the Baal of public education for decades, and we are collectively reaping the bitter harvest of our neglect.

I posted the following on my blog and wanted to share it with you. I have hyperlinks to several supporting articles for this post at my blog: Absolute Dominion

I’m sending this to you because I believe you are one of the few independent voices within the SBC who would be willing to address this critical subject with both the infallible truth of Holy Scripture and personal conviction. Furthermore it is my hope that you will add your voice to those within the SBC who are calling for a paradigm shift away from the public school Baal; voices such as Dr. Rick Scarborough, Roger Moran, Dr. Bruce N. Shortt, Dr. Voddie Baucham and E. Ray Moore who have submitted a “Resolution for SBC Annual Meeting Urging Action on Call for an Exit Strategy from Public Schools”.

Sir, I know you are a busy man but I wanted to take the time to send this letter and thank you for your work at Slice, Apprising and now CRN.

Following the body of the letter above I pasted my blog post "On the Sin of Public Education" for Pastor Silva's review. Perhaps I'll hear back from him or perhaps I won't, but either way I pray he will prayerfully consider this most important matter and lend his voice to the growing chorus of born-again believers who have said "enough is enough!" when it comes to the secular-humanist indoctrination being perpetrated upon our children by the public school system.