Friday, January 19, 2007

On the "Sin" of Public Education

I sent the following letter to the editor in response to Joseph Farah's 1/19/07 editorial entitled "Time for 2nd Exodus".

Mr. Farah,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you for speaking the truth about the current state run school system and recommending that your readership "vote with their feet" and pull their children out! My wife and I have chosen to home school our children (ages 5, 4 and 2) and have faced a torrent of opposition from certain family members, all of which has been grounded in ignorance. Please understand that I'm not engaging in name calling or insulting my family members when I describe their opposition as "ignorant", rather I'm stating the fact that they are uninformed - or perhaps a better descriptor would be misinformed - about the state of the public schools in America.

I read "The Harsh Truth About Public Schools" by Bruce Shortt - which I was pleased to see that you linked to at the end of your editorial! - as well as "NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education" by Samuel Blumenfeld and both books present irrefutable, meticulously documented, factual cases against sending our children into the public schools, ESPECIALLY our Christian children.

The American educational system is virulently anti-Christian. This is, of course, to be expected based upon the simple fact that the educational system attempts to be "God-neutral", which is impossible. Into the secular-humanist, moral-relativist vacuum of the arena of public schools rushes a politically correct, corrupted pseudo-morality that is at its rotten root quite simply state-sanctioned, taxpayer-supported atheism.

Reliably eager and willing to play the role of devil's advocate, the MSM plays a huge role in propagating the myth that our public education system is "objective" and "balanced" and teachers are practically portrayed as martyrs sacrificing themselves for the greater good of the next generation. It's absurd on its face. How many movies and mini-series have been devoted to glorifying teachers? How many "teacher of the year" awards are given out in the United States in an average year? I'm not suggesting that all teachers are evil, soulless organs of the state, but the system they operate within is DESIGNED to convey a specific worldview and a particular belief structure to the students. Sadly this worldview and belief structure is wholly at odds with Biblical Christian theism at every point and even the "good" teachers can do nothing about it; nor can the parents as evidenced by the well publicized court rulings which protected the sanctity of the state religion - evolution - against rival systems of thought such as Intelligent Design.

At any rate, I for one appreciate your bold stand on this topic, you're spot on. Oh, and by the way; the first 2008 Presidential candidate who vows to abolish the Dept. of Education as a central plank of his platform has my vote because anyone with the clarity to recognize that monstrous soul-destroying machine for what it is and then shut it down is surely wise enough to govern properly in other matters of state!

I'm thankful for thoughtful, influential, and intelligent new media voices like Joseph Farah who aren't afraid to stand for the Lord Jesus Christ and His eternal Word in the face of myriad opposition from the MSM and his moral-relativist establishment peers.

Let it be known that the public school system in Amerika is broken, comrade; and it CANNOT be reformed. The system is designed to ensure self-perpetuation and vigorously defends itself against any outside interference, after all it's a nearly $500 billion dollar per year taxpayer funded business enterprise! Not a bad deal if you can get in on a piece of the action as one of the "approved" textbook providers, cafeteria service providers, building contractors, office supply companies, IT infrastructure providers, tenured teachers, school administrators, ad exhaustem, ad nauseum. Quite simply, the nationalized state-run school system is good ol' fashioned gub'mint largess at its best! And every intellectually honest person knows that which the government subsidizes unfailingly grows.

Let's be honest here, your child's school is not "different". Your school's principal is not "different". Your administrators and school board are not "different". Don't be fooled. Don't be self-deceived.

If you are a born-again Christian with children in public school then get them out as quickly as possible. If you are a born-again Christian whose children are not yet in school, then PLEASE do not allow them to set one foot on the "Yellow Bus of Doom", ever.