Saturday, January 6, 2007

On The Human Condition

The Holy Writ makes clear that the latter days will be a time of unprecedented depravity and wickedness on a scale not seen since the days of Noah and Lot.

The root cause of this situation is, of course, man's sin nature. The secular humanist approaches the human condition in stark contrast to scripture. The secularists would say that man is basically good. He is born a clean slate, neither good nor evil, and through a combination of environmental factors, upbringing, temperament, and genetics he forms certain patterns of behavior, some desirable, and some undesirable. This view is of course inverse from the scriptural view of man's condition, which condition is best described as "wicked from the womb".

It's hard to imagine Sodom and Gomorrah being more wicked than the average American city today. Curbside pornography, legalized prostitution, rampant homosexuality, and a culture of death that zealously murders children before they are born.

In the midst of the depravity the church has allowed itself to become jaded and worldly. The voices of repentance and holiness have been replaced by blab it and grab it prosperity doctrines, feel good bubble gum theology mega church preachers, and slick packaging.

The scriptures reveal that judgment begins at the House of God. I'd say it's already begun.