Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Fallacy of "Dual Covenant" Theology

Orthodox Jews pray to just as false a god as do Muslims when they call upon Allah, as Joe Carter explores in rich detail in this archived post over at the evangelical outpost.


All who belong to the Father recognize the Son, and therefore it can be rightly argued that those who call upon a deity apart from the triune deity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit are in reality calling upon an idol false god. Therefore everyone who is not in right relationship with God the Father is evil - and not just evil in a passive, nebulous sense, but actively evil. This image of "active evil" results primarily from a failure to engage in advancing the Kingdom of God through sharing the gospel message of Christ.

All who hold a religious worldview apart from Biblical Christianity actively undermine the work of the cross and deny the Gospel. These individuals may espouse their beliefs to others, thereby becoming agents of an anti-Gospel, but even if it is a single individual who holds his false beliefs to himself, he does inestimable harm to the eternal trajectory of his own soul, thereby openly defying his Creator's will in direct contravention to the admonition of scripture.

Simply put disobedience is active, not passive.

Scripturally the only way to be in right relationship with God the Father is through God the Son, who shed his blood for all mankind (Orthodox Jews included). Some Jews protest this statement and declare their eternal covenant relationship with God the Father. They would even make allowance that perhaps Jesus Christ was the Gentile's messiah, but not the Jewish messiah. This logic is of course fallacious as the Jewish eternal covenants are fulfilled in Christ Jesus only. Everyone who will inhabit the kingdom of heaven will have been a believer in Christ whether they lived and died "pre-cross" or "post-cross" (or for you Bereans out there both before and after as exemplified in Acts).

The OT saints who died prior to the cross died in faith looking forward to the promised redeemer (Jesus Christ) therefore their faith was in Him. The NT saints who have died post-cross looked back at the finished work of the cross and died forgiven of their sins in Him.

Remember John the Baptist told the Pharisees (Jews) that God could raise sons of Abraham from stones if he wished. God's kingdom is not of flesh and blood, but spirit, those born of Abraham have nothing of lasting eternal value unless they are born-again. The prayers of Orthodox Jews fall on deaf ears since God only hears the prayers of the redeemed. The only exception to this rule is, of course, the sinner’s prayer wherein one who is lost calls upon the name of the Lord to be saved.


Certainly God is not finished with the Jew, since there are many future promises to be fulfilled, but those Jews who will enter the kingdom of God will only enter through the Son, Jesus Christ. He is THE way, THE truth, and THE life. There is no way over, under or around Him. He has already paid the death penalty on behalf of sinful man and His free gift of salvation is readily available to those who possess a contrite and repentant heart and call upon His name for remission of sin.

In Him there is neither Jew nor Greek (Gentile) but all are one in Christ.