Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Inherent Evil of Human Government

Human government is not, nor can it be, "Christian" neither in character nor in practice. This designation of Christian is reserved for individuals who have received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, and for those organizations comprised of Christians (i.e. the Church).

It is for this reason that I unequivocally state that the governments of men are explicitly anti-Christian. Now of course some might suggest that the American form of government (the Constitutional Republic) is the most pro-Christian, or at least Christian-friendly form of government ever conceived by man. There is certainly some truth to this argument, however since our government cannot be Christian and hence is a secular institution, the fruit it bears is the secular-humanist fruit of anti-christ. These fruits are manifold, and easy to see. I submit the following for your consideration:

The state-run school systems are virulently anti-Christian. Even a cursory review reveals this demonstrable truth. From child predators to natural selection the "religiously neutral" state imposed curriculum is anything but. Into the moral vacuum of public school has rushed secular humanism, moral relativism, and New Age mysticism. Don't let anyone fool you, evolution is the state religion and Darwin is the prophet.

The U.S. court system has imposed numerous restrictions against public prayer and Christian observances and displays in decision after decision. The government is in direct competition for the obedience and worship that belongs only to God. It's intriguing to note how the government continually goes about setting itself up as an idol god as described in this excellent article entitled Deliver Us From Evils:
The Soteriology of Gnostic Governance

The wild-eyed "politically correct brigade" has largely succeeded in causing the general population of nominal Christians - so called - to "self censor" when engaging in certain "unacceptable" activities such as public prayer and mention of the name of Jesus Christ - at least when it's not used as an expletive. Self identifying as a Bible believing born-again Christian in the public sphere today predictably results in raised eyebrows, blank expressions, or uncomfortable silences wherein the subject is usually quickly changed.

Workplaces fire individuals who hold and express Christian views such as the belief that homosexuality is abomination before God and that abortion is infanticide - premeditated murder. During his confirmation the radical Left tried to destroy Judge Samuel Alito and derail his confirmation to the SCOTUS merely on the suspicion that he might possibly think abortion on demand is an issue that may deserve further review. Isn’t it amazing how social and political liberals glibly pronounce on the one hand that the Constitution of the U.S. is a living, breathing document that changes over time, yet these same hypocrites will hysterically claim a the right to murder an unborn child is a Constitutional right that is sacrosanct, immutable and forever. Interesting.

Today vast swaths of the American public have become wholly dependent upon the government. One need only think back to Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath to confirm this observation.

Whatever the end result of our grand experiment in self-government, it’s easy for the Christian to see that our world is sin sick and dying and in desperate need of a Savior. Let us stand faithfully upon the Word of God during these last days and lift up the banner of the Lord for all to see. May we be salt and light to the nations of the world.