Tuesday, October 16, 2007

T.D. Jakes is a Sabellian/Modalist Heretic

It seems that some of my recent posts exposing the truth about T.D. Jakes have struck a nerve with one Dr. Pamela Y. O'Guinn. By her own report, and in violation of scripture, Dr. O'Guinn is a self-proclaimed "pastor/minister" and is clearly someone who blindly follows - and gladly prostrates herself before - the deceitful wolf in sheep's clothing T.D. Jakes. In the midst of her confession of blind adoration and perverse man-worship of "The Bishop" the deranged doctor even goes so far in her fevered high-noon fantasies as to compare Jakes with Christ Himself, replete with crucifixion imagery no less! I must say that I've rarely seen such a shameless display of spiritual harlotry in all of my days.

Obviously little more needs to be said to conclusively demonstrate that this sad, deceived, and unrepentantly sinful woman has long since parted ways with the orthodox Christian faith and embraced pagan idolatry in the form of the golden calf - or perhaps more accurately the "goose that lays the golden eggs" - worship of word-faith mogul and Trinity denying modalist heretic T.D. Jakes.

To be quite honest I'm more than a bit surprised that Dr. O'Guinn has seemingly managed to avoid the copious documentation about Jakes' manifold errors prior to stumbling upon the truth at my simple and humble blog since literally legions of Christ's truth soldiers before me have cataloged Jakes' unorthodox, aberrant, and outright heretical teachings. Therefore as a service to Christ and His church I've decided to compile a brief list of links to make it as easy as possible - even for those like Dr. O'Guinn who would suppress the truth in unrighteousness and prefer a lie over the truth - to have an opportunity to read the facts about T.D. Jakes for themselves.

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