Monday, October 22, 2007


I came across an excellent piece over at Mike Ratliff's Possessing the Treasure blog. In just a few well tuned paragraphs Mike lays out the sad state of the last days professing church and explains its accompanying godlessness as revealed in the Holy Writ.

Do yourself a favor and read Mike's essay entitled "Godlessness in the Last Days".

Below is the comment I left in response to the article:

A truly devastating expose, Mike. This is precisely the condition of the current professing (false) church, and its tentacles are reaching literally to every corner of the globe.

With all the purpose driven madness, emergent confusion, and ecumenical harlotry sweeping the doctrinally desolate landscape of modern church-ianity it's little wonder we see so many sheep being led to the slaughter.

The enemy is certainly doing everything within his power to rend Christ's little flock. Perhaps most disturbing though are the common threads which are so easily seen to be interwoven throughout these seemingly disparate movements.

All the aforementioned groups plus their word-faith and other sundry aberrant, unorthodox compatriots are leading the charge toward a new age, mystical, occultic unified faith structure which they in their fevered high-noon fantasies believe is required to usher in God's kingdom on earth.

In their furtive, desperate efforts to return to Eden they utterly fail to discern that they're dancing to the devil's tune and rejecting the faith that was once and for all delivered unto the saints.

Pray up, speak up, and look up because the coming of the Lord is surely nigh, even at the door.