Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Profane Prophets

As I’ve written here before there are many common themes which are interwoven throughout the seemingly disparate emergent, seeker sensitive, purpose driven, and word faith movements.

In my article entitled "Deathwish" I wrote:

Like many other discerning believers I've noticed the most common theme among the Emergents, Seeker Sensitive, and Purpose Driven church growth apostates is their man-centered gospel. They continually look within themselves for the answers to life's problems and circumstances as opposed to looking outward and upward toward God and seeking Him in His Word. Of course they'll drizzle a little Jesus on top of their man-centered spiritual buffet - take what you want and leave the rest! - and they'll flavor it with a dash of "church speak", but in the end it's the same old hell spawned anti-theology that the devil has been dusting off and trotting out in various forms in order to deceive sinful men for ages.

More recently however I’ve begun to notice the correlation between the aforementioned groups and the occult. Their self-esteem building workshops, their "hero within" fetishes, and their positive confessions can all be traced back to the most ancient origins of witchcraft and occultism.

I'm guessing that some of you who have just seen me compare the emergent, seeker sensitive and purpose driven cabal to occultists are grumbling a bit or perhaps shaking your head in disagreement, but don't be too hasty. The fact of the matter is that God Almighty views rebellion against His Word in the same way He views witchcraft and idolatry. It's my hope that by the end of this post you will see that at the rotten root of the aforementioned groups, as well as their spiritually compromising compatriots in the word-faith community, is a man-centered non-gospel of deception. They have replaced a high and lofty view of God's revealed Word with a watered down, corrupted man centered perversion of their own demonic design.

This should come as little surprise because the reasoning powers of the unregenerate are under the curse of sin and death just like the body, soul, and spirit. Man's mind - his capability for intellectual reasoning - isn't exempt from the corruption and power of sin. Prior to the fall Adam had a perfect mind, and therefore his reasoning powers were also perfect - in fact he was for a time sinless. But despite his sinless perfection Adam found the world around him - his environment - unintelligible apart from God's special verbal revelation. Adam was the creation and God was the Creator. God had to explain to Adam where he came from, what his position was in the created order, what to eat - and what not to eat - and what his duties were. Bear in mind that at this point all the created order was in perfect sinless harmony with God's original design meaning that all nature literally screamed out with God's natural revelation - yet a perfect and sinless man with perfect and sinless reasoning powers - which were as of that point yet untainted with sin - still couldn't make sense of anything without God's special verbal revelation!

How much less should sinful men today place their trust in their own corrupted minds and take a high view of ourselves and a low view of God's special verbal revelation as preserved in the Holy Bible? God forbid! We as fallen and corrupted sinners ought to fall on our faces before the Infinite Creator and Judge of the universe and praise the Redeemer and Savior of men, Jesus Christ the Son of God as our Lord and Savior abandoning all in the service of and humble obedience to Him!

Yet those within the emergent, seeker sensitive, purpose driven and word faith movements would invert the nature and position of God and man. They would have men believe that God is ineffable, distant, mysterious and unknowable, or else they would have us believe that God is a senile doting old grandfather doddering around heaven seeking to fulfill the felt needs of his bratty malcontented children, or perhaps that God is desirous of saving men but is unable, that He sits enthroned upon His seat of majesty and glory in heaven wringing His hands and begging men to accept Him, or worse that He is an impersonal mechanistic divine slot machine Who - if one says the right words, formulated in the right ways, and confesses them correctly - will spill out "blessings" that "can't be contained" because God must be "faithful" to His words spoken (see positive confession) by sinful men. Yes, you should be thinking "witchcraft" by this point. Can God Almighty really be manipulated? Do these people even realize the damnable heresies and outright blasphemy they are espousing? In all cases they are trusting in themselves that they are righteous, building their houses on the shifting sands of good works and seeking after the temporal, carnal things of this world.

While appearing to be different at first glance, a deeper investigation reveals that these groups move almost as one, as if guided by an unseen hand, and let it be known that this IS NOT the hand of God nor is it the gentle guidance of the Holy Spirit. No, for if they were truly of God these groups would not be wallowing within their man-centered non-gospel theological cesspool.

Friends, there is a massive deception underway within the broader professing church that's leading countless millions of blinded and deceived adherents and hangers on down the broad path which leads to destruction. This is clearly the work of the enemy during these last days when the Spirit expressly testifies that men would become lovers of themselves and be given up by God to the reprobate lusts of their own perverse and desperately wicked hearts.

Father, may You continue to draw men unto salvation by the regeneration of Your Spirit. Lord, open our eyes to the rampant deception that's currently running amok within the modern, false, professing harlot church. I ask that you would guide those who are called by Your Holy Name into all truth, for You alone are The Way, The Truth, and The Life and there is no other name given whereby men must be saved but that of Jesus Christ. May Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. For it's in Jesus' Holy Name I pray, Amen.