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T. D. Jakes grew up in a Oneness Pentecostal denomination which denies the essential Christian doctrine of the Trinity [The Oneness Pentecostal denomination was declared a heresy by the Assemblies of God when it took organizational form in 1917]. When asked by Christian leaders to clarify if he believes in the Trinity [As defined in the Athanasian Creed] he will not clear up this matter. He refuses to give a clear answer as to what he means by "manifestations" when referring to the Trinity.

Jakes lives with wife Serita and their five children in a Dallas mansion, complete with an indoor swimming pool and bowling alley...And while some accuse Jakes of being driven by the dollar and not the divine - his transportation stable consists of a Mercedes-Benz, a Bentley, a BMW, a Lexus and a jet...Indeed, during MegaFest's kickoff, Jakes mentioned his sponsors more than he mentioned God. During the worship service, dozens of Potter's House ushers sprinted throughout the Georgia Dome, collecting purple duffel bags full of money and checks made out to T.D. Jakes Enterprises...The pastor says his income comes from his media enterprises, not from church tithes. And he dismisses such questions as having racist overtones.
(Building an empire to empower, T.D. Jakes may lead a Dallas mega-church, but that's not all he does. By Annette John-Hall, Inquirer Staff Writer, Philadelphia Inquirer posted August 22, 2005)

The Jakeses and their five children live in a 9,689-square-foot mansion on White Rock Lake, appraised at more than $3.3 million. He loves to shop and wears exquisitely tailored suits and expensive shoes. He owns a jet. "Anybody who has sold 8 million books shouldn't have to justify why they live in a nice house," Bishop Jakes said.
(T. D. Jakes, Fort Wayne.Com, "Preacher extends his reach with film, but some fault posh lifestyle")

Note: That may be true for an unbeliever, but what about for a man of the cloth living in a multi-million dollar house? Dr. J. Vernon McGee has well said, "Whenever you find a minister who is rich, watch out. Folk are not supposed to get rich in the ministry," Commentary on 2 Corinthians 6:8-10, page 117.

"I drive a: Lexus and Bentley"
(T. D. Jakes, Fort Wayne.Com, "Preacher extends his reach with film, but some fault posh lifestyle")

Note: On the Bentley Motors website here is a sample of prices for used Bentleys (Model year then price): 1) 2003--$185,000 2) 2005--$175,000 3) 2000--$159,000 4) 2002-- $279,000 5) 2004--$239,000.

“I think that Jesus is the product,” says author and televangelist T.D. Jakes, who is currently bishop at The Potters House, a primarily African-American Pentecostal church in Dallas. “When the product is excellent, it doesn't require a big sales pitch.”
(MSNBC News, "Do God and money mix?" March 31, 2005)

Note: Jesus is a product? Jesus is Lord of lords and Kings of kings--the creator of all things. Jesus is not a 'product' nor should He be compared to one.

“Scripture teaches that receiving Christ as your personal Savior does not necessarily make you a son of God, but if you choose to do so, the power (authority) and right to do so is present. ... Just being saved does not make you a son of God, ...only those who are willing to be led by the Spirit actually realize and manifest the sonship of God.”
(T.D. Jakes, "The Harvest," pg. 46-47. PFO Quarterly Journal Article)

"The one and only prophetess Juanita Bynum will be with us tonight...We're blessed because of you. We're blessed because of your ministry. We're blessed because God has raised up that voice...We thank God for this woman of God...Give God praise for prophetess Juanita Bynum...She has Revelation Knowledge from the Lord."
(T. D. Jakes, "TBN," July 6, 2004. Describing false prophet Juanita Bynum to the world)

He refers to immoral, lustful and sinful thinking as merely “little boy thoughts.”
(T.D. Jakes, "Loose That Man and Let Him Go," pg. 5. PFO Quarterly Journal Article)

Jakes refers to an adulterous man as a “frightened little boy” and a wife beater as a “terrified little boy.”
(Jakes, "Loose That Man," pg. 123-124. PFO Quarterly Journal Article)

He states that, "because the teachers in Jesus’ day listened to Him as a child it boosted His self-esteem."
(Jakes, "Loose That Man," pg. 3. PFO Quarterly Journal Article)

Jakes mentions that he purchased (for all the men in his organization) subscriptions to the secular GQ Magazine to help them learn about manhood.
(Jakes, "Loose That Man," pg. 42. PFO Quarterly Journal Article)

"...Timely and riveting..."
(T. D. Jakes, Endorsing Paul Crouch's Book, "Shadow of the Apocalypse.")

Note: Paul Crouch's new book on prophecy (The Shadow of the Apocalypse) is filled with bible codes.

He appeared at Mega Fest 2004 with; Creflo Dollar, Juanita Bynum, Joyce Meyer, Bishop Eddie Long, and Paula White.

T.D Jakes played this clip of Creflo Dollar on his show on May 24, 2004. He called Creflo one of "God's finest." Creflo teaches that Christians are gods. He also says that Christians are not sinners and that Jesus did not come as God or perfect. He also teaches that it is blasphemy if you don't believe that Christians are gods.

Note: Creflo Dollar mocks people that humbly bow their head in reverence and mourn over their sins in view of God's absolute holiness. Jesus himself commends people that mourn over their sins in their prayers (See Luke 18:9-14).

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