Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Either God is man’s God through the shed blood and propitiation of Christ Jesus, or else man is his own god. And when man is his own god (which is by nature but for God’s unmerited grace) bad things happen.

The common theme among all those who reject the authority of scripture and thereby the deny the absolute sovereignty of the Infinite Creator and Judge of the Universe is their cavalier, flippant attitude toward sin.

They wallow in it.

They drink it in.

They revel in it.

They treat it as though it were a light thing.

But why does God’s just and righteous wrath rest upon man? BECAUSE OF SIN!!!

Oh Lord, by your everlasting mercies may sinful men, by your grace alone, come to hate their sinful state and bewail it falling upon their faces before you in contrite repentance unto salvation!