Thursday, August 23, 2007

On Catholic "Unity"

Papal Bull asks and I respond:

Somehow I never cease to be amazed by the depth of the deception in which the Catholic church wallows and spews forth from its demonic bowels.

Specifically I'm continually surprised by their utter inability to recognize that the Catholic "unity" which they're so fond of pointing toward and admiring is a facade, a vapor, a hoax!

Eastern Orthodox Church? Hello?

That would be enough in and of itself but let's peel another layer off this smelly onion and expose the fact that their "unity" - so called - is a false temporal unity which is enforced and wielded by a heretical "Vicar of Christ"; a sinful satanic imposter who would usurp the unique office of the Holy Spirit for himself!

The unity to which scripture refers is the true unity of Christ's own, His spiritual children called from every kingdom, tribe, tongue and nation to be partakers and inheritors of His holy and eternal kingdom selected by His sovereign grace and mercy and not because of any merit, worth, or good thing inherent within them.

This is the riches of the Lord, that His true children, His sheep are unified by His Spirit into the Body of Christ, the invisible and one true church.

'Nuff said.