Saturday, August 18, 2007

Listening to the Watchers

Adam Mayfield poses a question about an allegedly un-Christian "watch dog blog":

Do people acually (sic) listen to these people?

And I respond:

Yes, praise the Lord that many people do actually listen to these people.

Christian Research Net is but one of many, many discernment sites which boldly speak the truth into a sin sick and dying world, ceaselessly praying for the souls of men, and tirelessly pointing to the cross of Christ in the midst of relentless mocking, ridicule, and wagging of tongues by the devil's little helpers.

Oh, that more men of God would boldly stand for the Lord of Glory in this present darkness as opposed to clinging to their limp wristed effeminate po-mo version of church-ianity that sends countless thousands of stony ground hearers home each week singing of a heaven they're never going to see.