Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Your Best Life When?

Apparently Smilin' Joel Osteen's intellectual firepower is roughly equivalent to that of a cap gun.

Inexplicably - yet humorously - he's decided that his former smash hit offering entitled "Your Best Life Now" ought to be followed up with an all new mega-hit in the making he's calling "Become A Better You". How (one might reasonably ask) could someone following Smilin' Joel's inspired instructions and living out their best life NOW possibly become even better?!?

I decided to publicly go out on a limb over at Slice of Laodicia where I came across this article and make a proclamation that Smilin’ Joel’s latest offering of spiritual pornography will come across to his average church-ianity readership as dazzling, engaging, and downright inspired!(albeit Satanically inspired)

Even now I can almost see the church-growth apostates dutifully waving Osteen’s unholy tome from their pulpits as the wretched hirelings spew forth the gospel according to Joel, no doubt much to the delight of their flocks of “itching ears” sheeple.