Saturday, July 21, 2007

Only Six Verses

Symphony of Scripture has posted a You-Tube style defense of sodomy - I refuse to capitulate to the PC crowd and utilize the euphamisms "gay" or "homosexual" - produced by an openly practicing sodomite who is currently a hireling at Hillsong in Australia.

Anthony Venn-Brown, now a member of Hillsong Church in Waterloo Sydney, was the founder of Youth Alive NSW, and a former leader in the Assemblies of God. Apparently, before announcing to the church that he was a practicing homosexual he was a rather “popular preacher within the mega churches of Australia and overseas.”

Friends, I'm fed up with the enemy's relentless attack against the revealed truth of God and I'm sick of his abominable and disobedient children masquerading as children of light and quoting from the Holy Scriptures in order to defend or advance their detestable and corrupted lifestyles.

Since Mr. Venn-Brown is apparently such an ardent defender of practices not specifically condemned by Christ Himself during His earthly ministry, or which aren't variously denounced frequently enough or precisely enough - at least to him - to convince him that he's an abominable sinner, then let's explore his position to its logical conclusion.

Based on Mr. Venn-Brown's worldview God revealing His will "six times" in Scripture is insufficient evidence of God's will. Like a rebellious child he re-interprets God's clearly intended meaning to salve his cauterized conscience.

How many chances at obedience did God give Adam and EVE (as opposed Adam and STEVE) in the garden?

How many chances did He give Nadab & Abihu when they offered "strange fire" before Him?

How many chances did He give Ananias and Sapphira when they held back a portion and lied to the Holy Spirit?

The point is that when God says something ONCE we ought to listen and obey, period. The mere fact that He has repeated something SIX TIMES ought to serve as an object lesson that He Really, REALLY means it. How many times are enough times? How many ways are enough ways? How precise must His language be?

Mr. Venn Brown throws out all the usual red herrings and utilizes the typical sleight of hand trickery designed to prey on the true Christian's sense of fairness and love for his fellow man. The homosexual movement is savvy and understands marketing even better than Rick Warren! They know how to manipulate basic emotions and how to pervert and twist their concept of "love" - so called - to make it seem as though they're being repressed or held back from something as basic as enjoying a normal love life with the partner of their choice.

They're not. Don't be decieved.

In fact, if one puts any stock in exhaustive studies, they're apparently enjoying a brisk love life with hundreds of partners throughout their lives, and in doing so rampantly infecting others and being infected themselves with myriads of sexually transmitted diseases, thereby "receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet".

Friends, just because Christ Himself speaking in red letters or other passages of scripture don't repeatedly warn in the most explicit terms and provide an exhaustive list of activities in which mankind shouldn't engage such as homosexuality, "fisting", child molestation, incest, bestiality, orgies, and every other perversion in between doesn't mean man is free to do whatever isn't specifically and repeatedly forbidden. In point of fact the Bible DOES mention most of these activities and in every case clearly condemns them, but obviously not enough times or in strong enough language to satisfy some people. By inference we see that God is HOLY and we are challenged to "be Holy as He is holy". Those who are disobedient and want to use Christianity as a "get out of hell free" card corrupt the plain teaching of scripture to justify themselves before men, yet they stand guilty and condemned before God Almighty.

Becoming holy is only possible when a Christian is given a new spirit and is made a new creation before God. The Christian is empowered by God to break free from the patterns of sin and death and to no longer be a slave to sin. The true Christian no longer walks in open sin and rebellion against God and His Word, but humbly and obediently submits to His authority in all things. Jesus Christ is the "LORD of all". That pretty well sums up His dominion.

And while He is truly and actually LORD OF ALL, He will permit the heathen to rage and laughs them to derision, for one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Those who know Him as Lord and Savior will enter into His glory forever, and those who have merely paid him lip service or rejected Him outright will suffer eternal punishment in hellfire and damnation forever.

Mr. Venn-Brown ought to heed the admonition of scripture instead of being an apologist for abomination.