Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Word is Born

I thought of a new word tonight.

Theohedonism - the·o·he·don·ism [thee-oh-heed-n-iz-uhm]: the belief that God maintains man's personal happiness and temporal contentment at the very top of His list of eternal priorities as evidenced by the conviction that ever increasing wealth and personal substance are indicators of God's "blessing" on - and tacit approval of - one's life irrespective of objective obedience to the demands of Christ as revealed in The Holy Bible or personal conduct of any type. Conversely a lack of material wealth and/or personal substance is considered as evidence of God's curse or the lack of proper utilization or application of "faith".

I plan to add this word to the lexicon of descriptors for the hireling, wolves-in-sheep's-clothing "leadership" and broad path - itching ears adherents of the word-faith, “name it and claim it”, “blab it and grab it”, “Gawd has a wunnerful plan fer yer life”, man-centered, Devil Driven, Seeker Sensitive, hell-spawned, bloodless, sinless, sugar coated, "I'm okay, you're okay", demonic false doctrine of the post-modern, emergent, apostate, contemplative, New Age, mystical, ecumenical, professing, corrupted, harlot last days Circus Church of Laodicea which abounds within today's modern American form of Church-ianity

Now I'll use it in a sentence: "The breathtaking displays of theohedonism consistently demonstrated by the likes of Benny Hinn, Paul Crouch, and Kenneth Copeland appall Coram Deo and cause him to cry out, 'How long, oh Lord?!?'".