Friday, July 6, 2007


Slice of Laodicea has linked to an almost unbelievably cavalier video clip from "The Orchard Church Community" which mocks water baptism; one of only two sacraments that the Lord Jesus Christ commanded that we as believers observe until His return.

Click here to read the Slice post and find the link to the video clip. The post is entitled When Baptism is Made to be Blasphemous and I truly couldn't have thought of a better title if I'd tried.

Below is the comment I left in the meta over at Slice:

The breathtaking arrogance and lack of humility demonstrated in that repulsive clip is simply shocking.

There is clearly no fear of God in those false teachers and absolutely zero respect for the sharing in His death, burial, and resurrection which are signified in water baptism.

The church “leadership” represented in that piece is wallowing in the bowels of perversion, deception, and shame. May God have mercy and draw them to repentance lest they stand condemned before Him in righteous judgment.