Monday, May 21, 2007


Somebody has a problem with the truth telling of Ingrid Schlueter and Ken Silva. That somebody is "pastor" Henry (Rick) Frueh of Following Judah's Lion.

Apparently this pastor Rick is following Judah's lion from such a distance that he either doesn't realize or utterly fails to comprehend what it is he's actually following. Pastor Frueh is fed up with the unacceptable lack of bootlicking being demonstrated by Ingrid and Ken and he's not going to put up with it for one more second! Instead he's going to post a poison pen letter on the Internet to prove his point on Christian humility and maligning the character of others.

This is rich! Can you say "IRONY"? But the joke is on poor pastor Frueh.

At any rate, since I'm generally unable to pass up red meat being thrown in my path I decided to defend the honor of two of the most notable and noble voices active in the Christian blogosphere today and left the following comment on his blog:

Laity? Leadership? It sounds like someone here is overly enamored with the Nicolaitane harlot church which Christ hates. I'm not surprised.

I'm sorry Rick, but you've flat out missed the boat on this ill-advised, groundless and reckless diatribe against Ingrid Schlueter and Ken Silva.

I've noticed your thinly veiled swipes at Ken in previous posts here and simply held my tongue, because after all, it's your blog. But since the rabbit has finally stuck his head out of the hole let me tell you plainly that your assessment of the situation is flat wrong.

You're wrong in your absurd assertion that Ingrid Schlueter can't reprove you directly when you've previously and directly contacted her, and you're wrong in your assertion that Ken Silva is a "bully".

I can only guess what hurts you'd have imagined were you on the receiving end of Paul's Mars Hill discourse or if you had been standing in Nicodemus's shoes as he and everything he stood for was utterly destroyed by the King of Glory in a few brief sentences.

Surely you understand that your religiosity and piety are both unimpressive and impotent, especially against the enemies of Christ, do you not?

So feel free to lament the fact that Christ's true foot soldiers aren't nearly nice enough to suit your Victorian sensibilities, and if you sense a case of the vapors coming on after reviewing my comment then I suggest lying down and having a nice sip of tea with lemon, folding your soft hands across your pitter-pattering heart and resting your weary eyes.

But if there is enough fiber left in your being to lift up your sword of the spirit and join the battle then you'll be welcomed among those who take up their crosses daily and follow after Him.

Humility is a prerequisite for submission and obedience. You've mistaken Biblical humility for the men-in-skirts spiritual pacifism that's infected the professing church far too long. This is a metastasizing cancer that must be cut out of the true Body of Christ.

Some are willing to take a stand for Christ and fight the good fight of faith and others aren’t Rick, but you can rest assured that when you stop fighting, you're no longer needed.

I don't know if pastor Frueh will have the intestinal fortitude to post my comment on his blog or respond to it, but either way it will be posted here and will remain until such time as he publicly apologizes and retracts his baseless statements.