Monday, May 21, 2007


Well, I've officially been banned from commenting over at Pyromaniacs by Frank Turk (a.k.a. "Centuri0n") after yet another exchange with him in the comments section of his thread entitled The Rest of the Story.

As only my very limited readership might be aware, Mr. Turk and I have vehemently disagreed in past Team Pyro metas about the reprehensible spiritual state of the modern professing church and the legitimacy of such an apostate local body to the true born-again invisible church believer. The bulk of our discussions are captured in three posts here at Absolute Dominion which include links to the source material.

Below are the posts in chronological order:

Apolo-Gee Whiz!

Says Him, Says I

Ravening and Wickedness

At any rate, my latest round with Mr. Turk resulted in his surprising move to ban me from the Pyro blog altogether. While I find his decision lamentable - not to mention hasty and and childlike - I will nonetheless comply with his demands and will no longer darken the metaphorical door of Pyromaniacs.

This being said I'll certainly leave my link to Team Pyro active since it is a wonderful Christian resource, despite the ongoing and seemingly irreconcilable disagreements between Frank Turk and myself.

In closing I pray that Mr. Turk would wake from his spiritual slumber and that the Lord of Hosts would grant him the discernment to recognize that - despite his protestations to the contrary - something is truly "rotten in the state of Denmark".