Sunday, May 20, 2007

Purpose Driven Deception

"Pastor" Rick's media machine is in full spin cycle after World Net Daily editor Joseph Farah picked up the buzz about Christian pastors calling on Warren to discipline Rupert Murdoch, after Warren himself claimed to be the porn purveyor's pastor.

Apprising Ministries has written a blistering expose on Saddleback's efforts to cloud the issue with their massive PR resources:

When my friend Chris Rosebrough of the Christian Accountability Network first approached me with this whole issue of America’s Purpose Driven MegaPastor Rick Warren claiming to be Rupert Murdoch pastor I felt led of the Lord to become involved. Like Warren I am a Southern Baptist pastor myself and I offered to help Rosebrough by writing a short article called Purpose Driven Pornography: Why Rick Warren Must Publicly Rebuke Rupert Murdoch.

The first to plead his case seems right, Until another comes and examines him. (Proverbs 18:17, NASB)

A Wicked Web They Do Weave In Order To Deceive
Yesterday Saddleback “Spin Doctor” Mark Kelly, whose official title is News and Editorial Director for Saddleback Church – Purpose Driven Network, wrote a post called No Incentive for Checking facts. I cover this a little further in Rick Warren: Saddleback’s Purpose Driven Censors Didn’t Spin Fast Enough so here I just point out that it was suddenly pulled without explanation after but hours online. At this point we still don’t know why the “News and Editorial Director” for Rick Warren would be told to remove his newsworthy post, which also contained Saddleback “Chief of Staff” David Chrzan’s allegedly “forceful reply to Joseph Farah of World Net Daily.”

What I’m going to do is in this opening piece is begin to set the record straight regarding some of the facts and events leading up to Joseph Farah’s news story Murdoch’s porn pastor gets heat for mogul’s porn channels which appeared on World Net Daily 5/10/07. In doing so it will also have the benefit of showing you by example just how Saddleback’s Kelly and Chrzan will sow confusion by essentially “spinning” these things backward as to what actually happened.

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