Saturday, March 24, 2007

Exposing Error: Evangelical Free Church of America

I found a flyer in my door today from a local church belonging the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA). I confess that I scratched my head trying to remember if I'd ever heard of this denomination before, so with the flyer in hand and with no preconceived notions I proceeded to dig into the EFCA. Guess what I found? A Smorgasbord of Heresy!

I praise the Lord of Hosts that the Holy Spirit is continuing His sovereign move to call people out of the great, drunken spiritual whore before she is visited by the wrath of God Almighty. Reading through the litany of heresies in the article above causes my soul to cry out to God, "How long, oh Lord?!?"

A number of Christian discernment resources such as Apprising Ministries have already documented that the practices of Lectio Divina, contemplative prayer and spiritual formation are ancient heresies with roots in mysticism and the apostate Church of Rome, and apparently the spiritually bankrupt EFCA is dutifilly following her harlot sister down the broad path that leads to destruction.

There can be no doubt that the apostate ecumenical trend of evangelicalism is spiraling ever more rapidly down the toilet bowl of history toward its true home, the spiritual cesspool of Rome.