Friday, March 23, 2007

Countercult Corner: Refuting the LDS Part 5

I found an excellent resource on witnessing to Mormons over at Truth in Love to Mormons. The following comparison demonstrates a few of the wild differences between the claims of Mormons and the underlying meaning of those claims exposing the divergence in how they are understood by Mormons and Christians.

One of the objectives of this presentation of basic Mormon doctrine is to show that Mormonism is not Christian. It has been argued that Mormonism is Christian because they use the name of Jesus Christ in their name. It has been argued that Mormonism is Christian because it professes specific beliefs about Jesus Christ. However, a person's eternal destination is not based on a title. This is why we focus on the question "Which eternal destination will belief in the Mormon doctrine lead, Heaven or Hell?" The answer, as shall be seen, is eternal suffering in Hell.

In the following chapters, as we explain basic Mormon doctrine, we will also identify Christian sounding statements made by Mormon authorities in official church writings. We will show how these statements are carefully crafted using words with meanings unique to Mormonism so as to sound Christian. By using official statements of Mormon doctrine, we will decode these statements and present their actual meaning in words that will not mislead Christians. We will call this "decoding".

For example, a Mormon can say, without contradicting the doctrine of Mormonism; "I believe that Jesus' death on the cross and his resurrection has saved me". This is a very Christian sounding statement. However, let us decode it by exposing the unique meaning of the embedded "Mormonese", specifically the word saved:

In Christianity, this statement can be broken down into the following:

I believe that when Jesus willingly sacrificed his life on the cross, he substituted his perfect life for my sinful life.

This act paid for my sins, granting me unconditional forgiveness and separating me from my sins.

This payment was made once for all sinners, no more payment is due, no more payment can be made.

By believing in this work of Jesus I am saved because I am judged not guilty and am given, free of charge and undeservedly, eternal life in heaven.

The truth of this belief was demonstrated by God when he resurrected his Son.

Mormonism would make no such claim or even come close. In Mormonism the statement can be restated as:

I believe that when Jesus willingly gave his life on the cross, he paid the Father for my sins, becoming my creditor.

By becoming my creditor Jesus has saved me from having to pay for my sins immediately, I now have time to pay for my sins. I must now pay Jesus back for all my sins.

I have no forgiveness for these sins unless I sincerely repent of each sin which requires, in part: completely abandoning the sin for my entire life and making amends by performing additional works.

By believing in this work of Jesus, I am given strength to do what I must do.

By Jesus' resurrection, all men have gained physical resurrection, saving them from an eternal life without a body.

What is important to recognize here is that the Christian set of beliefs lead to heaven, while the Mormon set of beliefs leads to hell. The divide between these beliefs could not be wider!

More and more Mormon literature, both "official" and "unofficial", is stating equally carefully crafted statements. One can only assume that since these statement do not clearly state the doctrine of Mormonism in words the world would understand, that they are intentionally crafted to create the illusion of Christianity - an illusion that leads to hell and not heaven! This is the epitome of the wolf of false doctrine in the sheep's clothing. Jesus warned his disciplies:

I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. Matthew 10:16.

Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. Matthew 7:15.

Lord help those who are called by your name to be faithful witnesses to Your majesty and glory and to Your abundant mercy and forgiveness! Help us to point the lost toward the cross of Christ Jesus and proclaim the acceptable day of the Lord!