Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bowing the Knee to the Church Growth Ba'al

This article from Moriel Ministries is one of the most thoughful and detailed indictments against "Pastor Rick's" church growth apostasy that I've read.

The insidious nature of the church growth movement has yet to be realized by the professing church and I truly fear for the bitter harvest that will be reaped from the current generation of unregenerate American style "church-ianity".

As Charles Spurgeon explained 120 years ago, it's much easier to step upon the slippery slope of doctrinal sacrifice and expediency than it is to step off. Let us pray the that today's false prophets of the anti-Reformation would meet with the same fate as the myriad shameful cults of Christianity that have risen and fallen before them, and that their deceived followers would come to know the One True Living God through His Christ!