Wednesday, April 23, 2008


By their own admissions many reject God's account of creation as recorded in the book of Genesis, therefore I can only conclude that someone who rejects God's Word is in unbelief of God's Word. With this in mind I don't know what else to call someone in unbelief except for an unbeliever. Perhaps some would feel more comfortable if I called them agnostics, yet by definition an agnostic is still an unbeliever so we're back to square one.

In fact I think many are confused about what a Christian actually is. Consider that the demons in hell believe in the Creator and tremble. Are we to be satisfied with a demonic faith?

It doesn't take anything akin to saving faith to say, "Gee, you know the world is really complex and amazing and I think there must be a creator behind all of this". This is called natural revelation and is seen by all men everywhere. In fact in conjunction with his own conscience placed by God inside of him the natural revelation is constantly pointing an accusing finger at the unrepentant sinner and screaming GUILTY! GUILTY!! GUILTY!!!

Atheists stand over against natural revelation and attempt to suppress the truth of God in unrighteousness, yet the atheist and the unregenerate (i.e. not born-again) creationist stand on equal ground with respect to their unbelief and eternal condemnation lest they bend the knee to the Christian God as He has revealed Himself in the Holy Bible.

I utterly reject statements to the effect that "Measurable, observable physical evidence is the best attempt at countering the truth claims of evolutionary theory”. At the heart of this matter is depraved, sinful man's wholesale rejection of God; not anything like a lack of "evidence" for or against God. The evidence for God is overwhelming and indisputable, yet wicked men simply reject the evidence because they hate God and love their sin. In place of God they set up secular-humanistic, natural-materialistic idol gods in a vain effort to salve their seared consciences.

Since the fall in the garden men have, by nature, stopped their ears and ran screaming away from God as fast as they can because of their depraved, wicked, unregenerate and invariably sinful natures.

Nothing like evidence for the existence of God is a cure for unbelief. Instead the Eternal Gospel is the singular solution to culture and unbelief, even the type of unbelief that's masked as intellectualism and science.

Therefore the worldlings can have their worldly wisdom so-called. They can confer diplomas and bestow titles upon one another and call each other "Doctor", and "Professor" until they turn blue in the face and turn back into the dust from whence they came; but God Almighty has seen fit to make the wisdom of this world foolishness by the preaching of the cross.

God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty - 1 Corinthians 1:27

Each and every time professing Christians seek after the world's approval and esteem it results in apostasy, heresy, rank idolatry and finally unbelief...every time! Compromise with the world has always been the evil key that unlocks the door to the sad and predictable demise of God's people in every age.

Am I anti-evolution? Am I anti-intellectualism? Am I anti-consensus? Am I being divisive? Some would say so, and I would accept that I am guilty as charged, but I would of course choose a more positive frame of reference for my position -- I'm pro-Gospel.