Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oprah Winfrey: Spiritual Harlot

Despite its title this article isn't about Oprah Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey has thoroughly and repeatedly proven herself to be one of Satan's little helpers. She is a demonic stooge, pawn, and tool who has been weighed in the balances and found wanting. Instead of focusing on Oprah herself the intent of this article is to expose Oprah Winfrey's perverse fascination with and promotion of the occult through the medium of New Age spirituality.

With this in mind I would now like to direct your attention away from the shameless spiritual harlot Oprah Winfrey and towards one Warren Smith who has posted an important and timely piece on the New Age spirituality that is currently infecting the professing Christian church and drawing silly women (and men) laden with sins to a false faith in a false Christ.

From his Herescope article entitled "Oprah and Friends" To Teach Course on New Age Christ Smith says:

Oprah Winfrey will be letting out all the stops on her XM Satellite Radio program this coming year. Beginning January 1, 2008, “Oprah & Friends” will offer a year-long course on the New Age teachings of A Course in Miracles.1 A lesson a day throughout the year will completely cover the 365 lessons from the Course in Miracles “Workbook.” For example, Lesson #29 asks you to go through your day affirming that “God is in everything I see.”2 Lesson #61 tells each person to repeat the affirmation “I am the light of the world.”3 Lesson #70 teaches the student to say and believe “My salvation comes from me.”4

By the end of the year, “Oprah & Friends” listeners will have completed all of the lessons laid out in the Course in Miracles Workbook. Those who finish the Course will have a wholly redefined spiritual mindset—a New Age worldview that includes the belief that there is no sin, no evil, no devil, and that God is “in” everyone and everything. A Course in Miracles teaches its students to rethink everything they believe about God and life. The Course Workbook bluntly states: “This is a course in mind training”5 and is dedicated to “thought reversal.”6

Here are some quotes from the “Jesus” of A Course in Miracles:

“There is no sin...“9
A “slain Christ has no meaning.”10
“The journey to the cross should be the last ‘useless journey.’”11
“Do not make the pathetic error of ‘clinging to the old rugged cross.’”12
“The Name of Jesus Christ as such is but a symbol...It is a symbol that is safely used as a replacement for the many names of all the gods to which you pray.”13
“God is in everything I see.”14
“The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself.”15
“The oneness of the Creator and the creation is your wholeness, your sanity and your limitless power.”16
“The Atonement is the final lesson he [man] need learn, for it teaches him that, never having sinned, he has no need of salvation.”17

Friends, the citations above from Smith's devastating expose on New Age practice and thought should cause every Bible believing Christian to sound the alarm to their friends, family, and acquaintances so that they might be duly warned against the massive deception to come. This deception is a quiet killer; a spiritual cancer which is even now metastisizing within the body of Christ.

As the New Age, mystical, man-centered, Purpose Driven, Seeker Sensitive, Word Faith, emergent, hollow non-gospel of nothingness spreads practically unchecked through modern church-ianity those who are truly called by Christ are able to perceive that the hour is very late indeed.

The modern professing lukewarm Laodician last days church of idolatry and blasphemy is blossoming before our very eyes and it is bearing much bitter fruit.

The new spirituality destroys wonderfully and conquers with a message of love, peace, and unity; eschewing the sword for the olive branch.

The new spirituality promises men joy, fellowship, and brotherhood asking for only a bit of compromise in return, yet those who are truly Christ's must understand that "a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump" (Galatians 5:9).

The new spirituality says, "Be joined unto me and you'll fit in", whereas the Holy Spirit draws men with the hard promise, "Be joined unto Jesus Christ and you'll stand out".

Friends, this is the day and this is the hour when men must decide in who's report they will believe; the report of the Lord as contained uniquely within His inspired, inerrant, infallible, and plenary Word, the Holy Bible; or the report of sinful man.

And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. (Joshua 24:15)