Saturday, November 10, 2007

Joel Osteen's McGospel - Millions and Millions Deceived

I just came across an excellent and devastating expose on Smilin' Joel Osteen's latest word-faith, positive confession, heretical, non-gospel of nothingness offering entitled "Become a Better You".

Never mind the nagging logical questions which swirl around how Smilin' Joel managed to follow up his first satanically inspired tome called "Your Best Life Now" with a book about how to become even better! Maybe his next book will be called "Your Betterest, Bestest Life Ever, REALLY!", who knows?

Yet whatever it's called the result will no doubt remain the same; it will be a shameless system that blends Gnosticism, Deism, works righteousness, self-esteem, man-centeredness, and positive thinking which has been sprinkled with mercilessly contorted and tortured proof texts which have been wrenched from the context of the Holy Writ and obscenely rearranged in order to make Joel Osteen's false gospel seem Biblically substantiated, supported, and authoritative when precisely the opposite is true.

Joel Osteen is a ravening wolf in sheep's clothing and the false religion he promotes is an abomination before the throne of the One True Living God. Joel Osteen is a deceiver, a spiritual harlot, and an idolater in that he worships the god of self in contradistinction to the Infinite Creator and Judge of the universe, The One True Living God of the Holy Bible.

I pray that you'll read Become a Better You: Reflections on Joel Osteen's Latest Book by Michael S. Horton and see the truth laid bare about the heretic Joel Osteen.