Sunday, April 22, 2007

Kingdom of the Cults

I had a visit at my front door from the Witnesses this morning. I simply relayed the Biblical teachings for who Christ really is and the fact that He is, was, and always has been co-equal with the Father (and the Holy Spirit) and referenced scripture to refute their false teachings.

Of course I tried to maintain a humble manner and remember that it isn't those people who are the enemy, rather it's the Satanic deception they are under that is the true enemy of the Gospel. I've found when dealing with cultists that attacking the messenger (whether it be the person in your face or one of their "prophets") causes withdrawal and disengagement from the discussion. It's much better to stay within the context of their (false) ideas and the truth of scripture to lovingly refute them with the Bible.

I pray that God was able to use me to plant a seed within their hearts and minds about the truth of the Gospel and the eternal importance of getting it right when it comes to the question; "Who is Jesus Christ?"

Just moments after my encounter with the Witnesses I checked my blog and discovered that a Mormon had been busily at work in the comments section of one of my threads wherein he vehemently laid out proof texts for Mormon polytheism. I guess I'll be working up a scriptural apologetic reply today.

Lord help me to be a faithful steward with your Word and help me to speak Your truth and light in my dealings with every person you send into my life. Amen.