Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kingdom of the Cults - Part 2

As demonstrated by my recent exchanges with a couple of LDS representatives, it seems that the Mormon faithful are so steeped in polytheistic idolatry that they can't even see that the Bible, Christianity, and Judaism are unwaveringly monotheistic in their teachings.

If one manages to somehow miss the little matter of there only being ONE INFINITE CREATOR GOD, then the rest comes unraveled pretty quickly. I'm amazed and saddened that people can claim to "believe the Bible" (albeit the Mormons add the caveat "insofar as it's translated correctly") and appeal to the authority Holy Bible (when it's convenient and they can twist prooftexts and redefine the Bible's meanings to further their deceitful goals) and nevertheless be so blind to the truth. Yet this is clearly the case with those who are firmly ensconced within the Kingdom of the Cults.