Sunday, March 9, 2008

Old Truth

Truth itself does not change just because our point of view does. As we mature in our ability to perceive truth, truth itself remains fixed. Our duty is to conform all our thoughts to the truth (Psalm 19:14); we are not entitled to redefine "truth" to fit our own personal viewpoints, preferences, or desires. We must not ignore or dsicard selected truths because we might find them hard to receive or difficult to fathom. Above all, we can't get apathetic or lazy about the truth when the price of understanding or defending the truth turns out to be demanding or costly. Such a self-willed approach to the truth is tantamount to usurping God (Psalm 12:4). People who take that route guarantee their own destruction (Romans 2:8-9).

Truth is never determined by looking at God's Word and asking, "What does this mean to me?" Whenever I hear someone talk like that, I'm inclined to ask, "What did the Bible mean before you existed? What does GOD mean by what he says?" Those are the proper questions to be asking. Truth and meaning are not determined by our intuition, experience or desire. The true meaning of Scripture - or anything else, for that matter - has already been determined and fixed by God. The task of an interpreter is to discern that meaning. And proper interpretation must proceed application.

- John MacArthur

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