Thursday, February 21, 2008

Never, Never, Never Give Up

The Spirit of God is speaking to His own who are caught within the apostate emergent camp and crying “Come out of her”!

The Spirit of God is speaking to His own who are mired within the apostate RCC and crying “Come out of her”!

The Spirit of God is speaking to His own who are trapped within the apostate Devil Driven Church and crying “Come out of her”!

The Spirit of God is speaking to His own who are in bondage within the apostate Word Faith Movement and crying “Come out of her”!

The Spirit of God is speaking to His own who are chained within the apostate liberal mainline denominations who are stumbling over issues as basic as homosexuality and crying “Come out of her”!

The Spirit of God is speaking to His own in all places who are strangers to His glorious covenant of grace and crying "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28)

The Spirit of God is speaking to the fallen world system and the spirit of the age by His Holy Word today just as He spoke to Pharaoh by Moses demanding: Thus saith the LORD, Let my people go, that they may serve me. (Exodus 8:1)

There have been numerous posts within the Christian blogsphere on the subject of the conflict, contention and division that are inevitably caused by genuine born-again believers in Jesus Christ. The world and the false professing church cry out with one voice for "UNITY! UNITY!! UNITY!!!", but in fact they're shilling spiritual bondage, deception, and unholy compromise - a Counterfeit Christianity.

"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword." (Matthew 10:34)

They are undermining the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to attain a false temporal peace.

They have sold their spiritual birthright for a worthless bowl of worldly pottage.

You see, the world knows the difference between a counterfeit and the "real thing", and the same holds true for religion. The world doesn't counterfeit paper bags because they're worthless, of no value. For this selfsame reason the perverse purveyors of counterfeit religion are irresistibly drawn to formulate a corrupt counterfeit gospel and a corrupt counterfeit Messiah in order to diabolically deceive and mercilessly rend Christ's little flock. In the process they are leading countless myriads of souls toward the pit of hell with their damnable doctrines of demons.

The Word of God, which is sharper than a two-edged sword - and much more sure, steady and precise than the finest surgeon's scalpel - calls the Christian faith, true religion. This is an important distinction because by this we know the myriad cults of Christianity and the other faiths so-called that oppose the historical, orthodox, Biblical Christian faith and stand in stark and demonic contrast to the "faith which was once delivered unto the saints" (Jude 1:3) are by definition false religions.

Yet false religions always have a common denominator which the discerning Christian can easily identify. Religion is what man says God says, but the Bible is what God says. Hence at the poisonous root of false religion you will always find sinful man masquerading as god. The discerning Christian ought not be surprised by this basic truth since within God's created order there are really no other options. Either God is God, or man is god and it certainly isn't the latter!

This is easily demonstrated by noting that a Christian is submitted to the authority of his Creator and Judge based on the self-attesting Word of God. For the believing Christian, God Almighty is the highest court of appeals and His Word is the final authority in all matters of day to day living, thinking, ethics, and philosophy. In other words the believing Christian's worldview is, quite simply, that God Almighty is the absolute Ultimate Authority, period. And since His self-attesting Word proclaims itself to be a plenary and infallible, (i.e. all that God has to say to mankind in this age He has perfectly said) and His self-attesting Word proclaims it is "God breathed" (i.e. God-inspired by the Holy Spirit) then the believing Christian takes God at His Word, fully trusting in Him alone and therefore rightly believing that he has been fully equipped by God to process all information in the light of revealed scripture and thus has been given the ability to reason properly - according to Biblical truth. This is not to suggest that believing Christians are infallible logicians or thinkers, but rather to state that Christians are no longer subject to "the old man" - under the total domination of our fallen sin nature - whereas the unbeliever indisputably is.

On the other hand we have the wicked, depraved natural man who has usurped the throne of God in his heart and has elevated his own sinful reasoning as the ultimate authority in his own life and his personal highest court of appeals. This wretched and perverse caricature of God's creation is perhaps the most abominable thing this side of hell. The natural man suppresses the truth of God in unrighteousness, reasoning according to the manner of the world and demanding "proof" of God. He sets his own sinful reasoning upon the throne of The Most High and stubbornly refuses to be submitted to God's authority.

Of course the Ancient of Days will never submit Himself to the inspection of sinful man. The Sovereign Creator and Judge of the universe will not be put on trial in the court of sinful man's depraved reasoning nor will He be subject to man's corrupted judgements. A type of this has already occurred prior to the crucifixion and natural man invariably screamed "give us Barabbas"!

By nature we receive Barabbas.

By nature we are Barabbas.

In the final analysis sinful man must be humbled before God Almighty and be submitted to Him as Lord and Savior in order that he might escape the wrath to come. Oh, that we who are called by His precious name would have the courage and faith to stand in the gap and boldly proclaim the victory of the Cross and the good news of the Kingdom! Oh, that we who are called by His precious name would be always ready with an answer for the hope we have within us! Oh, that we might be found worthy of the High calling of Christ and be found as faithful servants who might hear those sweet, wonderful words "Well done!"

And may we never, ever become complacent in our position in Christ and turn our backs on one single human soul that is on a one way trajectory toward hell. May we never, ever take a cavalier or flippant attitude toward the eternal horrors from which we've been spared. May we never, ever - while breath fills our lungs - stop fighting the good fight under the banner of our King, Jesus Christ.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus!