Sunday, December 9, 2007

Home to Rome

Over the past number of years I have been writing articles and producing radio programs in an attempt to urge evangelical Christians to wake up and see the light. Many Bible-believing Christians who were once concerned about false teaching and apostasy seem to have lost their passion for the truth and have little discernment. Instead of standing firm against unbiblical ideas and experiences, they now are promoting them.

While we have been able to document that the Emerging Church Movement is clearly another road to the Roman Catholic Church, it seems fewer professing Christians are concerned. Darkness has crept over the church the same way an avalanche sweeps down a mountain. Every day more and more unsuspecting victims are being swept up and buried.

In an attempt to sound another alarm, I am going to present a number of statements taken from a book titled The Road to Rome: Modern Journeys to the Catholic Church. The book is authored by sixteen different contributors who have converted to Roman Catholicism.The editor is Dwight Longenecker, a former evangelical Protestant. According to his biography:

Dwight Longenecker was brought up in an evangelical home in the USA and attended the fundamentalist Bob Jones University. He came to England in 1979 to study theology at Oxford and went on to be ordained into the Anglican ministry—serving as a curate, a chaplain at Cambridge and a country parson on the Isle of Wight. He and his wife were received into the Catholic Church in 1995 and he now works as a District Organizer for the St. Barnabas Society, and as a freelance writer and broadcaster.

On the back cover the following statement is made explaining what the book is about:

This collection of conversion stories relates how former Baptists, Presbyterians, Salvation Army officers, Plymouth Brethren, New Age believers and Evangelical Anglicans all made their way along the Path to Rome.

A second statement provides more information regarding the purpose for publishing the book. Quoting again from the back cover:

By introducing some of the new wave converts, The Path to Rome gives a glimpse of a possible future for the church. As we enter the third millennium, Catholicism, Evangelicalism and Orthodoxy will continue to converge. From this book a vision emerges in which old cultural, national and doctrinal controversies become increasingly irrelevant. Then as the age of Reform draws to a close and the millennium of division gives way to a “Second Spring,” the Church may once more speak with a united voice.

This idea that a “Second Spring” (or as some call it, a “Second Pentecost”) is about to dawn is fascinating in light of Bible prophecy. Is it a grand delusion that will overtake the world in the name of Christ? Why aren’t more people paying attention?

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